I came across an awesome new feature on the website www.enjoyillinois.com while browsing r/illinois on reddit the other day.

First of all if you haven't explored the website I highly encourage it. It's basically an interactive travel brochure for the entire state. Yes, the entire state. There's Chicago stuff there but plenty of attention is given to the rest of Illinois.

The cool new addition to the site is Live Video Tours of various Illinois attractions.

Explore Illinois through the eyes of expert tour guides. You see what guides see as you take tours on your phone, tablet or desktop. Join a tour in real time to ask questions along the way, or browse previous tours of your favorite attractions.

I lost about an hour of my day checking out the Illinois Railway Museum in McHenry and revisiting my college days with a trip through Champaign. There's no Rockford ones up yet but there's scheduled tours of Rockford City Market, the Riverfront Park and Anderson Japanese Gardens in July.

Head on over to www.enjoyillinois.com/live to browse through past tours and sign up for future ones. There's no charge for tours they want people to sign up just to gauge interest in areas.

Just a fair warning to make sure you have about an hour to kill because you WILL get sucked into a very interesting internet rabbit hole.