Scams of any kind are annoying, but these IRS phone calls are the worst. One woman decided to take things a little further than most of us do.

At least three times a week I get a phone call from a random number and I don't answer it. Then I have a voicemail telling me it's the IRS and I owe a bunch of money.

To be honest, the first time I got this call I was actually nervous. Did I really owe some money? How did that happen? Dad.... help!

Then, after realizing that a) I continued to get these calls from multiple different numbers and b) how could I possibly owe the IRS money when I'm always getting a tax refund because I don't make that much... I figured it was a scam.

It's a pretty annoying and popular scam. Most everyone I talk to has an IRS voicemail on their phone, but one woman in the video above decided to talk to the IRS guy and actually played into his scam games.

The end of this video is amazing and terrible. Amazing because the woman managed to get the caller to admit that he was scamming people, but terrible because he said his family would be proud of him.

Eww, dude, just eww.