The Cotton-Top Tamarin is one of the most endangered primate species in the world. You can see one right here in Belvidere.

Take a look at this adorable face! The Cotton-Top Tamarins are just the cutest little animals I have ever seen.

According to WTVO, the Cotton-Top Tamarins average only 1 to 2 pounds in weight and are on the critically endangered species list. They are originally from Colombia, South America.

If you can't afford to travel all the way to South America to search for one of the 1,000-5,000 of them left in the world, don't worry. You can see not one, but two of them at Belvidere's Summerfield Zoo!

You can see these incredible little monkeys

The zoo already has a male cotton-top and they have added a female. They are hoping to start a breeding program.


Viewing for the public will begin Saturday, June 25 and Sunday, June 26, 2016 during the zoo's animal encounter presentations.