Now that the Cubs are World Series champs, the young kid doesn't need to wish for that this Christmas.

That doesn't mean he's done asking for Cubs stuff. Reddit user, queenroale seven-year old son had an interesting list. He wants an airplane, slingshot, and a puppy. Those are a bit much, especially a puppy around Christmas.

He was told to just pick his top 4. Queenroale says "He said he couldn't do that they all needed numbers." That explains why his numbers are all over the place.

That said, if my kid asked for all the Cubs stuff that he is hoping for for Christmas, I would have no problem loading up a stocking or box with pants, socks, shoes, and a shirt.

The kid also wants a Cubs bobblehead and a poster of Addison Russell.

Outside of the airplane and puppy, this list is very doable.

The only thing the kid is missing from his wishlist is a Cubs World Series repeat. Is that too much to ask?