We see one of these videos every year and every year they get better. 

The tradition is nearly 60 years old. The first dyeing happened in 1962 and they used so much dye that the river was green for almost a whole week. The current amount of dye, 25 pounds, keeps the river green for the weekend.

Another fun fact about the dye is that it's actually a reddish-orange in powder form. It doesn't turn emerald green until it hits the water.

If you haven't seen the river dyed before, you should make it a point to check it out one of these years. Even if you're not a big "St. Patrick's Day" person, it's a pretty cool event.

The river is probably back to normal today but plan your trip for next year, it takes place every year on the Saturday closest to St. Patrick's Day.

P.S. Here's the obligatory clip from The Fugitive.

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