Sometimes the best way to watch bad baseball is just to not watch it at all. 

That might have been what this young Sox fan had in mind before heading into Guaranteed Rate Field to catch his South Siders play. One of the biggest perks of where the Sox play is that there is full on tailgating going on for each game. Our guy here already is showing signs of bad decision making with the cut off Cora jersey so I wouldn't put anything past him. Sometimes that can get the best of you. Combine that with the sun and a less than stellar product on the field and you get this.

I've been a witness to this type of tomfoolery in the past. It really brings a section together during a boring game. Mine was at a Cubs game at Wrigley in the late 2000's. In the bleachers during the day and this guy was GONE. His "friends" just started to pile up garbage on his lap, shoulders, and head. It was pretty impressive. Eventually, the ushers kicked him out but it was a fun 3 innings while it lasted.

This isn't the first or last time it will happen. Here are some of my favorites.

Yankee fans are ruthless.

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