Maybe you missed it, but Father's Day was also National Eat Your Vegetables Day.

If you're part of the "Vegetables? That's what food eats!" crowd, you're probably glad you missed it.

If you're one of us who took our cue from Popeye and demanded that mom serve you plenty of spinach, you were too busy eating veggies on Sunday to notice that they had their own national day.

I fall into the latter group, although in the interests of full disclosure, I only demanded canned spinach once. After tasting how absolutely disgusting the canned stuff was, I tore up my list of demands. Seriously, I just involuntarily shivered at the thought of that wet, green slop. I do love spinach, but it's only the raw variety that makes my plate.

Green Giant recently conducted a poll of almost 4000 Americans to find out the most popular vegetable in each state.

They determined that broccoli is #1 in 47% of the United States, with corn coming in second place as the favorite in 9 states. Idaho, having to be different than everyone else, went with peas (Really? Peas? You're in Idaho! Did you forget potatoes? And before you say spuds aren't vegetables, hold on--they are classified by the U.S. government as being a vegetable).

Onions, peppers, celery, and spinach did not even make the list.

Here in the Midwest:

Illinois: Broccoli

Wisconsin: Corn

Michigan: Corn

Iowa: Corn

Missouri: Potatoes

Indiana: Carrots

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