I swear if you watch it 100 times it will finally (kind of) make sense. 

This happened during the Illini's 87-81 loss (more on that later) to Ohio State this past Saturday.

As far as I can tell, there are three factors that make this work.

  1. The moving billboard behind the seated Buckeye player. That scrolls from right to left.
  2. Adam Miller (number 44 for Illinois) is also moving right to left.
  3. The camera is panning from right to left all the same time.

These three things synced up at just the right speed to make the whole thing look like a Jamiroquai video.

Reference for those who didn't spend the late '90s watching MTV.

I still don't really understand some parts of that video.

But back to the original Illini gif we were talking about. If you can't get your brain to see what's happening try covering the scrolling Jimmy John's ad with your hand. It should pop into place after you do that.

Now that we've explained how Adam Miller turned the State Farm Center into a giant treadmill, let's quickly discuss what's happening with this Illini team.

Illinois was predicted to be a Final Four team before the season began. They were ranked as high as 5th in the nation at the beginning of the season. Now they have dropped 2 straight home games to Maryland and Ohio State and might find themselves outside of the top 25 when the rankings are released tomorrow.

Coach Brad Underwood is definitely aware that there is an issue:

"We're going to get some things aired out." Sounds like the team had a little come to Jesus talk Sunday morning to get things going in the right way.

This team is too talented to be scuffling like this. We'll see if things are figured out Tuesday night when they take on Penn State. You can listen to all the action right here on 1440 WROK. Pregame starts at 5:30 with tipoff at 6:30.



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