Sure there's food and drink at this bar, but we just wanna be there for the Christmas decorations.

Life is just better with twinkling lights.

Christmas decorations make you feel good. They brighten up the room, sometimes even physically warm up the room too, and let's face it, they make your Instagram photos look better.

Saturday afternoon beers under the lights!

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Butch McGuire's in Chicago takes it to the next level.

They have lights, they have garland, they have Disney characters hanging from chandeliers and of course they have bar goers decked out in Christmas gear.

According to NBC Chicago, Butch McGuire's uses roughly 45,000 lights this time of year and the festive-ness is a tradition that started before you were born, in the 1960s.

They also use the holidays to raise money for the Mercy Home for Boys and Girls by selling ad spots in their decoration.

You can grab a (probably red or green) stool at Butch McGuire's, it's at 20 W Division St in Chicago.

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