Driving on "E" is no treat. You have no idea how long before the car you're driving is going to run out of gas, until today.

We've all been there, you know you need gas, but you want to push it. You start white knuckling, sweating and rethinking your life choices.

Then it finally happens, you see a gas station ahead pull in and fill up.


After you leave, you think to yourself, "I wonder how far I could've gone before I actually would run out of gas?"

Thankfully, a new chart will show you exactly how far you can go before you run out of gas.

A new chart from Your Mechanic shows exactly how far you can go empty before you need to find a gas station for a fill up.

Your Mechanic

Now that there's some concrete evidence showing just how far you can go on empty, the next time you see that you're running out of gas