When Illinois car thieves are ripping off rides, a new study show they're looking for one in particular.

I saw a list on MSN called "Where Your Car Is Most Likely to Be Stolen in Every State" and I immediately knew Chicago would be the place where your car is most likely stolen.

Of course, Chicago is the place where your car would most likely get stolen. That's kind of a no-brainer. The biggest city would probably have the highest rate of car theft.

The head-scratcher was the car said to be the "most stolen" in Illinois. The Dodge Caravan is the most popular car to get ripped off in Chicago, Rockford and everywhere else in the Land of Lincoln.

You Guys, The Car Most Often Stolen In Illinois Is What We Least Expected
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Why? Everquote doesn't list the Dodge Caravan as one of the 20 most popular cars in Illinois, so that's not it.

However, a story from 2015 might explain why it's the most stolen in Illinois. Simply put, the Dodge Caravan might be one of the easiest cars to steal.

According to JS Online "Thieves break into a Dodge Caravan by popping the lock on the outside of the vehicle and damaging the ignition switch with a screwdriver."

A Dodge Caravan can be stolen in less than one minute. If you own one and it's on the road be careful where you park. Your ride could be gone before you know it.

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