I don't know what it is, but I could eat fries with like every meal.  Even just saying those words make me want to buy a gym membership haha.

I was sitting at my desk today just daydreaming about Arby's curly fries and realized I wanted to know where I could go to find the best fries in the Rockford area.  Though I didn't make a stop at Arby's after work, I did get my fry fix at Culver's!!!  They were good, but I still wanted to know what my Facebook friends thought were the best fries in town.  And y'all, they did not disappoint!


Honestly, I never specified if I was looking for just local restaurants or national too, so this list is going to be pretty interesting and maybe a little shocking.

#1: Buddy's Burgers

The comment that got the most love was this one.  I definitely have had Buddy's Burgers, but I don't think I've had it enough to really know if it's in my personal favorites.  According to my friend Joe, they have the BEST fries AND burgers!

Via Emily
Via Emily

#2: Portillo's

I'm totally guilty of ordering Portillo's 3 times a week.  If you haven't tasted their cheese fries, you're totally missing out.  my friend Haley said the cheese fries are soooo good and I couldn't agree more!

#3: Beefaroo

If you haven't seen one of my recent articles, I talked about how I worked at Beefaroo for 3 months.  In those short months, I definitely ate a ton of Beefaroo's famous fries on my lunch breaks.  Add a little hint of their salt and you'd be in heavennnn!

#4: 15th & Chris

Don't hate me, I've never tried 15th & Chris.  I talk about their food a lot because their Facebook photos looks absolutely delicious, but I have yet to get a taste.

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#5: Ka-Bao

Okay, I just had their fries a few weekends ago at Food Truck Tuesdays at Sinnissippi!  I could munch of Ka-Bao's fries all night long.

Via Emily
Via Emily

#6: Five Guys

I've never been a fan of Five Guys only because of how greasy the food is even inside the bag, so I couldn't really tell you what the hype is all about!  According to my friend Nick Vichi, Five Guys is the BOMB and he will 100% fight you on that.

#7: Baker Street Burgers

If you haven't noticed, there's definitely a trend here.  A lot of burger places are on this list & I'm wondering if that's the reason these fries are soooo good, burger joints have the secret recipe, hm?

If you could eat fries for the rest of your life from one place, where would it be from?  It doesn't even have to be a local joint, sometimes fast food places have some flavorful fries that you just can't resist!

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