Olives - one of the foods that can make or break a meal.

I LOVE olives. I would say they're one of my favorite foods. Green, black, stuffed, I love them ALL!

Photo by Simone Impei on Unsplash
Photo by Simone Impei on Unsplash

However, olives are a very one sided food. You either LOVE them, or you can't even look at them. My boyfriend HATES them, which is good news for me because I get all the olives he doesn't want.  It's the same thing with mushrooms. One thing me and my boyfriend both love however, is burgers.

But I think if I told my boyfriend olive burgers exist he would freak out. It would change the way he looks at burgers. But when I heard about this thing, I couldn't decide how to feel about it. Here's the post I saw that led me down this rabbit hole.

Honestly, at first, I thought the post might be a joke. I have NEVER heard of olive burgers in my life. After scrolling through the comments I realized, it's not a joke, it's a real food that people really love. And now I'm dying to try one!

But I was curious what our Instagram followers thought ...


Like I said, olives are a dividing subject.

So where did olive burgers come from? A hamburger chain in Michigan started serving olive burgers in 1923. So technically olive burgers are a Michigan staple. But after reading the comment section, it sounds like they're equally as loved right here in Rockford.

I guess I have to get my hands on an olive burger and try it for myself. Honestly, I think I'll love it.

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