According to a 1000-person survey conducted across the country, consumers in Illinois are more traditional when it comes to their Valentine’s Day gifts.

I've noticed from talking to some of the guys in our building that the word "traditional" can also mean "last minute." Some even believe that a shout-out on the radio to your sweetheart means that you don't need to grab a card, flowers, or candy.

They'll learn the error of their ways soon enough.

As for the rest of us, the survey by and says that roses, chocolates, flower bouquets, diamond earrings, and a diamond bracelet were the top five gifts preferred gifts in Illinois.

However, keep alcohol and lingerie out of your shopping cart. : Illinois shoppers chose these items as their least favorite gifts for Valentine’s Day.

While shopping early can help you snag the best deals, 22% of Illinois shoppers admitted that they wait until the week of Valentine’s Day to buy their gifts.

To celebrate the holiday, 22% of consumers in Illinois said they will be heading to a romantic restaurant for dinner, while 17% plan to spend the night at home. When it comes to the top treats they hope to receive on February 14th, Illinois wants chocolate covered strawberries (34%) and a box of chocolates (28%).

Roses steal the show as the top Valentine’s Day flower in Illinois (38%). If you want to give a more unique gift this year, consider tulips (17%) and orchids (16%).

The same survey also found that nine out of 10 Americans feel pressure if they’re not in a relationship on Valentine’s Day. However, they are not willing to go out of their way to find a date. Only 7% of respondents would use a dating app to find a date for V-Day.

Another interesting tidbit from the survey was that people are wishy-washy about first dates on Valentine’s Day. Just 53% say a Valentine’s first date is OK.

Okay, you could do worse than liquor and lingerie after all: (WARNING, Some language in this video is NSFW)

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