Remember the Chicago Air & Water Show? It's kind of happening again this year, kind of. 

Once upon a time there was an Air & Water Show each August in Chicago.

And once upon a time my dad would make me wake up super early to drive down to Chicago and get a seat on the beach not too close to anyone but not too far away either.

I would bring a magazine because I didn't like the Air & Water Show, and I would proceed to get yelled at for not 'enjoying it.'

Fast forward to when I moved to Rockford and got to be a part of Air Fest. All of the sudden it was a much better experience.

Despite what some people may think, there are times that Rockford is WAY better than Chicago and Air Fest is a perfect example.

Unfortunately we're not getting any sort of Air Show in Rockford this year, but there is a version of a show coming to Chicago this weekend.

The City of Chicago just announced that the Navy Blue Angels will be flying between Oak Street and Fullerton Avenue Saturday August 21 and Sunday August 22 between noon and 1pm.

They'll also be practicing on Friday, August 20 if you happen to be around Chicago, look up!

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