Rockford Airfest 2015 appears to have been a huge success on many levels. But there apparently was at least a brief moment of danger at one point over the weekend.

According to, Blue Angel #5 lost a piece of his wing during Saturday's performance:

The outer portion of the leading edge flap on the left wing went missing some time before or during the Line Abreast Loop. The flap is an aircraft control surface that helps the wing maintain lift at high angles of attack...The pilot, LCDR Mark Tedrow, completed that maneuver but appeared to give the rest of the formation some extra spacing until it was completed. He then came in to land while the rest of the team continued the performance, jumped into a two-seat backup jet, and amazingly took back off to finish the show.

There's no official word on what happened to the wing, though in the comment section someone claims to have found it in a bean field. has much more on the story and informs us that a week before the Rockford incident, another one of the Blue Angel’s Hornets has a piece of its wing fall off in flight over Rochester, New York. That time it was from one of the jet’s right wings, and it was found by a local fisherman floating in a marsh.

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