It still has nothing to really do with the town of Loves Park.

I wrote about this movie back in January when they released the first teaser trailer. The only connection a found to Loves Park was a short 3-second shot of the water tower. The rest seems to have been filmed in California. It turns out that's basically the case. Here's a screenshot of a Facebook post from the movie's official account:

Loves Park Facebook

So there you have it straight from the horse's mouth. Not sure what's so mysterious about Loves Park. I know the boundaries can be confusing, I'm never sure if I'm in Loves Park, Machesney Park, Rockford or some unincorporated area but the rest of Loves Park is pretty straightforward. I'm pretty sure he just likes the name, which is cool, it's a great name.

As far as the actual trailer goes, I'm not quite sold. I love quirky indie movies as much as the next guy, but this looks like a real downer. Do you have any interest in watching it? I probably won't. I mean if I want a good look at the water tower I can just step outside. Maybe if it comes to Netflix (Probably not.)

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