Digging around the internet I came across a movie called Loves Park. After some research I found out it's called Loves Park because it's set in Loves Park. As in our Loves Park. 

Now after watching the trailer the only thing I recognized as being from Loves Park was the water tower right at the beginning. After that the rest of the trailer looks like it was probably filmed in California.

I have some other problems with the trailer. One being that there is no dialogue. No dialogue for an action movie is fine but this seems to be a quirky indie movie where the speaking parts are pretty important. Another is that after two and a half minutes I have no idea what the movie is about.  The main lady in it seems despondent, possibly confused but again with the lack of any dialogue you have no idea.

I went to the film's website lovesparkfilm.com and in the press packet they did actually give the film's synopsis:

Pregnant housewife Edie Canody loves her husband Benjamin, but when her father-in-law passes away, they must return to his hometown of Loves Park for the funeral. Leaving home becomes difficult when the young couple fall under the thumb of his mother's wishes to stay in Loves Park and their new responsibilities take over. Boredom, anxiety, and intense wanderlust ensue when Edie befriends a young local neighbor named Dustin as their friendship begins to undermine her status as 'happy mother and wife,' and she must learn to let him go before it's too late.

Doesn't exactly come across as a comedy but it has some potential.

I'll try to find this movie when it comes out if only to see if they include any shots of Beef-A-Roo for authenticity.

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