A New York family has reclaimed the Guinness World Record for most lights on a residential property. Tim Gay and his family put together a holiday display of over 600,000 lights, which breaks the previous record by almost 100,000 lights.


From the Poughkeepsie Journal:

According to Guinness adjudicator Michale Empric, the 601,736 lights that adorn the Gay's property and create a mammoth blinking and pulsating holiday circuit board, while evoking shooting stars, rainbows and bowls of sherbet, beat out the most recent Guinness record of 502,165 lights held by the Richards family of Australia. Timothy Gay, an engineer, had held the Guinness Record in 2012.


Tim Gay did have some help in reaching his goal, though:

He was able to claim the record with the help of Ritz Crackers, which donated a holiday installation with more than 180,000 lights. Gay said he was contacted several months ago by Ritz Crackers and asked if he was interested in re-claiming the record.

"I love Ritz Crackers," he said.

Gay declined to say how much the display cost him. He said the lights cost him $400 in electricity last year, with energy efficient lights slashing that cost in half this year.


Here's another look: