Maybe a new scoreboard will get the United Center's winter tenants playing a little better next year. 

As far as arenas go, the United Center is getting kind of old. It's over 20 years old, which means the original fixtures are getting pretty out of date. If you've been to a Hawks or Bulls game lately, you know that the scoreboard leaves a little to be desired.

Not after next year. This thing looks sweet. It has drop-down video boards. Has about a trillion pixels per inch (might be an exaggeration). The coolest part might be what's underneath.


There's another video board INSIDE the main scoreboard. A real Russian doll situation there. That's a nice feature for those close to the action. Finally, those unfortunate people in the front row won't have to strain their necks to get a look at the video board. It's about time something went right for those people.

The whole thing is supposed to be in place by the beginning of next season. Not sure if the teams are going to be any better, but they'll look good doing it.

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