Another reason to get married in downtown Rockford, this amazing new AirBNB.

The Standard is one of my favorite recent additions to downtown Rockford.

It looks beautiful from the street and even more amazing when you're on the actual rooftop.

And yesterday they announced another great reason to get married there, or just hang in Rockford.

Brent via Airbnb

Can I just move in?

I'm pretty serious about that.

From the comfy looking living room, to the adorable kitchen, this is the perfect place for a Rockford bride-to-be to stay with her bridal party before the big day.

Brent via Airbnb

The loft is not just available for those who've booked a wedding at The Standard, so don't feel left out if you're single or celebrating your 35th wedding anniversary, you can still book a stay at this AirBNB.

The AirBNB is $120 a night, includes a washer and a dryer and you can get all the info right here.

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