Did you really expect anything else?

I'm terrible with geography, so every time someone told me over the weekend that my brother and sister-in-law were in San Fransisco,  I corrected them and said no, they're in Napa Valley.

Turns out, San Fran is closer to Napa than Rockford is to Schaumburg... where I spent most of the weekend.

So guess what?

While they were in Napa on Saturday drinking all of the wine, on Sunday they made a trip to the 'Full House' house in San Fran.

My brother, who sends me about 8 text messages a year, sent me this picture.

Michael Abraham

I was immediately jealous, but for like 5 seconds, it's not like Uncle Jesse was there...

Then I noticed the sign.

The most corny sign ever in front of the house from the most corny show ever.

Michael Abraham

Great job, house owners.

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