Residents of Loves Park and Machesney Park will soon be getting two new garbage cans delivered to their home. 

As a resident of Loves Park myself, this is pretty cool news.

The Rock River Disposal Services has recently extended their contract with Loves Park for 7 more years and 5 more years with Machesney Park.

I spoke with Rock River Disposal's general manager Shawn McDowell and here are the main points he shared with me.

First and foremost he wanted to clarify that this WILL NOT add any costs to your garbage bill. These are included in your service.

All "full-time" residents of Loves Park and Machesney Park will see 2 bins delivered to their residence in the next month. One will be a 95-gallon garbage can the other will be a 65-gallon recycling bin.

Loves Park residents should see their bins delivered within the next 2 weeks, Machesney Park residents should see their's delivered within the 2 weeks following that. All deliveries should have been made by the first weekend in August.

You can still put out other garbage cans and their "unlimited" pick-up policy will still be in place.

The reasons behind the new bins are two-fold. One is to provide a safer environment for their workers. The other is that it will make garbage day look a little nicer.

This honestly is a win-win for everyone involved.

One added note McDowell wanted to share was the ability for seniors to request a smaller bin. The 95-gallon bin is pretty big so it can be hard for some people to maneuver. If you would like a smaller bin, you can contact the Rock River Disposal Service at the number provided with the flyer attached to the new bins.

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