When you think about iconic restaurants in Illinois, you most likely would land on a place that serves pizza. Not so fast, this place doesn't have pizza on the menu.

I thought for sure it'll be a long time pizza joint in Chicago. I was wrong. It's a long time hot dog stand.

Pure Wow says, "Since 1948, carhops have been delivering greasy grub like “Superdawgs” and “Whoopercheesies” to car windows. Just don’t call these Chicago-style dogs wieners or frankfurters, because they're something entirely different."

Growing up, my family would take trips to the Bunny Hutch near Super Dawg and stop at the restaurant on the way home.

I remember going there, but I don't remember being "super" fond of the food. I know, crazy right? Maybe it's the relish. I remember that stuff being super bright, like green or blue.

In case you were wondering, Pure Wow's choice for "most iconic" Wisconsin restaurant was "The Old Fashioned."

Have you ever been to Super Dawg? Is it the "most iconic" restaurant in Illinois?