In case you missed it, snow fell yesterday in Rockford.

While it was nearly the largest first snowfall of the season in Rockford history, people still managed to get out and take some pretty rad pictures.

Here are some of the best.

Instagram user wackyjacki4 caught a squirrel hanging out wondering "where did this come from?"

Lgray1222 caught the aftermath of the snowfall in his backyard. While it's no fun to drive in, it sure is pretty to look at.

Wackyjacki4 caught a bluejay this time hanging out in the snow. The squirrel from the first picture must've gone home.

Instagrammer, bananastewart stepped out into the snow to take a picture of herself wearing the best shirt of the holidays. Who doesn't love Elf?

abhibdvt on Instagram caught this picture of a little guy experiencing his first snow.