Early bird gets the worm, or in this case, the eclipse.

Let's start with the facts, what is an eclipse? Well, there's different kinds of eclipses. The one we experienced this morning (June 10) was a solar eclipse. It was a partial solar eclipse, and according to Nasa that basically means -

Partial solar eclipse: This happens when the Sun, Moon and Earth are not exactly aligned. The Sun appears to have a dark shadow on a small part of its surface.

Here's a video from NASA about how exactly the solar eclipse works. It's kind of hard to picture what exactly is happening up in space to make these cool phenomenons, but this video really helps.

Spoiler alert - it's SO cool looking.

Obviously you don't own the type of technology NASA has, and to be honest, you probably weren't even awake when the eclipse happened, and that's okay. That's why the internet is the best.

Youtube today will be filled with videos of the eclipse, and lucky enough right here in Rockford we have amazing meteorologists to post photos of these awesome events that we might not have been awake for.

FirstWarn Weather posted a photo of this morning's partial solar eclipse in Rockford and it's SO cool.


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