Guys, not only is this curd-a-licious, it's free.

Fresh or fried, let's all be real here... cheese curds are the best.

Being from the Chicago suburbs, I did not grow up with cheese curds. In fact, I had no idea what they were until a few years ago.

Then, fried cheese curds entered my life and things will never be the same.

Seriously, I didn't know just how glorious a curd of cheese could be, especially with the name, 'curd,' which does not sound too appetizing.

If you're a normal person who wants to eat cheese curds until your face falls off, you'll love the fact that there's a curd-fest and it's free to enter.

This year's Curdfest is on Sunday August 27 at Breese Stevens Field in Madison.

Not only will you be able to stuff your face with curds... there will be five celebrity chefs adding their own curds to the menu.

Plus all the fun that goes into a fest: games, entertainment and more.

Please say there'll be a curd eating contest? Or curd tossing?

As I mentioned the fest is free admission, so you bet if I'm free I'll be there.

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