There has been a lot of love for the 1989 baseball classic Field of Dreams these past few weeks. And understandably so. Major League Baseball held a wonderful event in Iowa that was capped off in story-written fashion by Tim Anderson.

Field of Dreams shot up the streaming rankings and everyone all of a sudden fell back in love with the Kevin Costner classic. It is undoubtedly a great movie but pales in comparison to the best baseball movie ever. Major League.

Just an absolute classic. Here's 5 lines just off the top of my head.

  1. Juuuust a bit outside.
  2. Cross him off the list then
  3. Hats for bats
  4. Are you saying Jesus Christ can't hit a curveball
  5. It's too high

Those aren't even the top five. It's amazing that Pedro Cerrano eventually became president and then started selling insurance. Quite the career arc.

Anyway, you can catch this classic at a drive-in this weekend if you just take the short drive north to Jefferson, Wisconsin to catch it at the Highway 18 Drive-In.

Here's the rest of the unusually varied slate of drive-in movies this weekend.

Highway 18 Drive-In - Jefferson, WI

Now to get to Major League you'll have to sit through Snake Eyes. I did not know they were making another G.I. Joe movie and know nothing about it. I was never into G.I. Joes, I was more of a Thundercat kid.

It looks... not bad? After that you can finally watch Major League. Here's another fine clip.

SkyVu Drive-In - Monroe, Wi

The SkyVu will be throwing back to recent Disney hits. First up is the Dwayne Johnson/Emily Blunt adventure movie The Jungle Cruise.

After that is Cruella, starring Emma Stone (which I believe might be the most played movie at stateline drive-ins this summer.)

The Midway Drive-In - Sterling, IL

I love the Midway Drive-in. It's probably my favorite on the list but I have to question this pairing because it does not make any sense.

First up is Boss Baby: Family Business. A movie that literally looks like an SNL skit.

Then they follow it up with M. Night Shyamalan's Old. M. Night is the guy behind The Sixth Sense and Signs. And this one looks more disturbing than both those combined.

I mean just look at the terror in that, possibly teenaged, character. That's pure. Piggybacking this with Boss Baby 2 is an amazing move that will probably result in some confusing nightmares.

McHenry Drive-In - McHenry, IL

The McHenry is doing the "Which Came First, They Toy Or The Movie" double feature. They kick it off with Paw Patrol The Movie. I do not have kids so I'm not familiar but I've heard it's quite popular with children.


After that keep the kids awake for some moderate PG-13 violence in Snake Eyes.

Route 34 Drive-In - Mendota, IL

Route 34 will be running back The Jungle Cruise and then follow it up with the Ryan Reynolds video game-comedy, Free Guy, which received pretty positive reviews after its first week out.

Some of the theaters look like they might be closing down soon for the season so make it out to one of these if you can. There's literally a movie type for any and everyone out there this week.

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