More than one kind of football will be played on the lakefront next year. 

Socceresq - Reports surfaced a couple of days ago that the Fire had reached an agreement with the Chicago Park District to move their Major League Soccer matches to Soldier Field, which is where they initially began their existence back in 1998. The tentative agreement would see the Fire sign a three-year lease with two option terms of three-years, and an additional two, one-year options.

This is an absolute win for the Fire. No one was going down to Bridgeport to watch soccer games. Now that's it's closer to the city (Bridgeport is literally about an hour away) they should get some more people to their games. Soldier Field has had great success hosting soccer games in the past.

It's going to be interesting to see how this affects the Bears. Obviously they don't care who's playing there when they're not but the turf at Soldier Field has been famously torn up by other events. Whether it's a concert or a high school football game, there's always been complaints about sections of the grass becoming loose.

Attendance couldn't get worse for the Fire, we'll have to wait to see if they can be good roomies with the Bears.

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