Each one of the 50 states has their own specialty item. This is the best item in every state.

TwentyTwoWords.com put together a list of the greatest foods in each state. Each state is known for an incredible food item and after reading this list, I'm drooling.

Everyone knows you should get your potatoes from Idaho and your Spam from Hawaii, but what about the other 48 states?

For example, who knew that Arkansas had the best cheese dip in all the country? Seriously! They even host the World Cheese Dip Championship and have a cheese-dip trail! I'm going to have to move to Arkansas! YUM!

So what are WE good at? What is the BEST item you can find in our state?

Illinois: Deep Dish Pizza (True, but who has the best deep dish pizza is a conversation for another time.)

Iowa: Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches (I'll admit, I've never had one... but I'm not afraid to try.)

Wisconsin: Cheese Curds (Dip them in pizza sauce. Trust me, I'm a professional.)

Did any of these food items come as a surprise to you?

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