April 20 is Volunteer Recognition Day... but what if you've never volunteered before? Now is the time!

Volunteering is a huge part of the Rockford community and that means that last year we took a big hit with the pandemic limiting volunteering opportunities.

But the good news is, things are moving in the right direction and volunteering is becoming much more doable in 2021.

But where should you volunteer?

I asked this question on my Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram and got a ton of answers. I randomly choose a top ten but there are so many great local places to share your time!

As for the ten? Here we go!

Ten Great Place to Volunteer in Rockford:

  • Rockford Rescue Mission
  • Natural Land Institute
  • YMCA
  • Kitchen Table in Rochelle
  • Freeport Little League
  • KNIB
  • Rockhouse Kids
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Alpine Kiwanis Brat Days
  • Miss Carly's

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