Seriously, Target, do I need to return those leggings I grabbed today?

I went to Target this afternoon for leggings and protein ice cream. I obviously bought more than that... like Target's new $5 wine. I'll review that for you later.

This story is about something different.

Yeah, I know. Should I return my stuff and wait?

Target has been making quite a few changes recently, replacing their Cartwheel app with a section in the Target app and apparently they are competing with Wal-Mart and other lower priced stores by, well, lowering their prices and getting rid of some of their sales.

So I guess this is a good thing right? Instead of waiting for a Target sale everything will just be cheaper?

As a consumer this seems awesome. As a shareholder, it is apparently a problem though, as the Target stocks are already falling.

I love you, Target, so please don't mess this up. Sincerely, Michelle.

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