If it weren't for the Chicago Cubs giving fans a reason to think that "this is the year," our state might have a complete inferiority complex. No real budget in place, financial turmoil at both the state and local levels, and being the leader in outbound migration (people choosing to leave the state for somewhere else with better prospects) aren't the kinds of things that leave a citizenry feeling good about itself. 

Maybe a glance at some things that OnlyInYourState.com says Illinois does better than anyone else in the country can help buoy your spirits. Granted, I don't know how learning our state has the best horseradish is going to convince anyone that we live in the promised land, but you never know.

According to OnlyInYourState.com, these are a few things we do better in Illinois:

  • Horseradish (Collinsville, Illinois is the horseradish capital of the world)
  • Partying (Illinois' flagship institution, the University of Illinois, was named the top party school)
  • Pumpkins (Illinois is actually the largest producer of pumpkins in the country)
  • "Green" Buildings (We've got more than any other state)
  • Food (We brought you the deep dish pizza, the Chicago style hot dog, the Italian beef sandwich, the brownie...the list goes on and on)
  • Nuclear Power (Illinois produces more nuclear power than any other state)
  • Being Unfazed (Political scandals, murders, we have heard it all. Nothing shocks us anymore)

It's pretty certain that we've built up an immunity to being shocked in Illinois. How many governors have gone to the "big house?"

We should add "convict and imprison elected officials" to the list of things that we do better than anyone else in the land.

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