We've all had "one of those days" at work where everything seems to go wrong. It's happened to me, it's happened to you, but maybe we've been lucky enough that our bad day wasn't captured on a high definition camera and recorded for posterity.

Before we get any further into this, I should point out that by "bad day" I don't mean losing a loved one, being diagnosed with something terrible, putting a beloved pet down, or any of the very serious and sad things that happen to people every single day. I'm looking at the bad day concept as something that causes embarrassment, costs you some time and/or money, and generally makes you the target of some ribbing for a while.

For those old enough to remember, it was in the late 1980s or early 1990s (I can't remember the exact date) when a truck driver had a very bad day while traveling the length of Alpine Road (going north to south) here in Rockford. His bad day didn't announce itself immediately, but waited until he was almost to the southernmost end of Alpine when he realized that his truck had been spilling sharp metal pieces all over Alpine during the entire length of his trip. The resulting flat tires and wheel damage that dozens of Rockford motorists experienced throughout a good chunk of the day pretty much wrecked any chance the truck driver had of calling his day "uneventful."

Here at the radio station, we once had a news person who was a bit out of shape. Normally, your physical fitness doesn't have a lot to do with talking into a microphone, but on one particular stormy day, for this particular news person, it sure did. The National Weather Service had issued a Tornado Watch, and our news person was tasked with sharing that information with all 3 of our building's other radio stations. So, he typed up the information and headed down the hall to drop off copies to everyone who was on the air throughout the building. When he was at the farthest point from the WROK studios, he realized that he had about 20 seconds to get back there and get on the air with the news of the tornado watch. To make it, he had to full out sprint down the hallway and into the news booth.

When he got there, he was so winded that he could barely speak. Unfortunately, that's what he had to do next. The problem was that by being wildly out of breath, he sounded as though he was in an absolute panic over the current weather conditions. The more he gasped his way through the tornado watch information, the more he scared the hell out of listeners. The more he pointed out that it was a tornado watch and not a tornado warning, the more he came across as being completely and totally freaked out. When he was done, he spent the next half an hour on the phone with people who were calling into the station very concerned about everything they'd just heard. That was, according to him, the worst day at work he'd ever had. And, being his "friends," we reminded him of it every time we saw him eating.

Now, onto someone else's really bad day. Imagine ordering a $4000-plus refrigerator to be delivered to your house. Imagine how excited you'd be when the truck arrived with your new kitchen treasure. Then, imagine being this Ohio homeowner taking a look at his Ring doorbell camera and seeing this happen:

I feel sorrier for the delivery guys than I do for the homeowner. He'll get a new fridge delivered in short order, but these guys, especially the guy who caused the big tip-over, are going to be on the internet with this one forever.

Good luck with the rest of your Monday.

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