We live in a great age for photography. High definition images (with no film to deal with), drone videos, satellite views, and the fact the almost all of use have a camera with us at all times. Pick out a random teenager (let's use my daughter Molly as an example), and I'd be willing to bet that teen has taken more photos and videos than an entire family (or 10 families) did in generations past.

That's why I think this video is so cool. It shows a day (or several days, I'm not quite sure) in the life of some Chicago folks during the 1920s. Normally, my mind wanders toward Al Capone and the famous gangsters of that era when I think about Chicago at that time. There's none of that in this video. It's all seemingly average, everyday-people hanging around their houses, kids at school, a bonfire, a football game, and it wraps with some guys playing golf in what looks like someone's front yard. Hats are everywhere, and jackets with ties seem to be the norm for attending (or even participating in) sporting events.

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