So, my family gave me a drone for Father's Day. If you've been wanting one, I've gotta tell you, they are every bit as fun as you might think. We've caught fireworks from 400 feet, checked out our neighborhood from above, and of course, taken a bunch of birds-eye view photos of our house. Over the weekend, we brought it to the radio station.

Perhaps I'm being a bit too generous with the word "we." The flying and photography has been handled by my son Spencer, who's much more gifted in the "dealing with technology" department. Outside of one crash landing (resulting in a broken propeller), the kid has been an ace with the drone.

A bit of background to set up the videos: Townsquare Media (home of WROK, 97 ZOK, Q98.5, and 96.7 The Eagle) is located near North Alpine and Highcrest Road (3901 Brendenwood Road) on a fairly high point on the city's topographical map. Many of you probably see the tower lights at night, depending on where you're located.

We have three radio antennas (or, towers), with two at a height of 195 feet, and the third tower (middle one) reaching up to 439 feet. I've always wondered what a 360 view from the middle tower would look like, but being horrified of high places, I figured I would never know.

Until now. Take a look, and see if you can spot your house from nearly the height of a 40 story building:

Here's another fly around, this time near one of the 195 footers:

If there's someplace that you'd like to see from a drones-eye view, drop us an email. We may show up.

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