Vote Counting Questions in Treasurer's Race
Dave Dahl -- Illinois Radio Network
Insert joke about Chicago here.
The Tom Cross campaign for treasurer – with Cross barely ahead of competitor Mike Frerichs a week after Election Day – says some people are recorded as voting more than once...
Election Night Prep On the Governor's Race
As we prepare for Election Night coverage, I wanted to pass along a couple of tools that might allow you to be a more-informed voter/citizen when it comes to parsing the returns.
First, take a look at this great online tool from pollster We Ask America...
Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights on Ballot Tuesday
Jim Anderson -- Illinois Radio Network
Advocates of a Crime Victims’ Bill of Rights say they aren’t looking for any new rights.
The rights of victims to be heard in court, to be notified of progress in the court case involving the suspect, and to be notified when an imp…
How Do You Vote for Judges? The ISBA Has Some Help
Jim Anderson -- Illinois Radio Network
How do you know how to vote for judges?  The Illinois State Bar Association has some help.
The lawyers’ group polls lawyers and asks about those running for circuit court, and does an in-depth analysis – including an in-person interview – of those running for App…

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