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Statewide Corporate Scam Alert!
Another day, another scam alert. It seems that these days, everyone is trying to reach into your pocket. Some are doing it legally, others...not so much. This one got our attention because the warning comes from both Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White, and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan…
Madigan Joins Peers in Seeking Cellphone Call-Blocking
SPRINGFIELD, Ill. (AP) — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan has joined dozens of peers in asking major wireless phone carriers to adopt technology that allows users to block unwanted calls.
The Democrat's signature appears on a letter released Wednesday from the National Association of…
Madigan Suing Two Companies Over Student Loan Debt Relief Scams
John Gregory -- Illinois Radio Network
The Illinois attorney general is suing two companies for scamming people looking for student loan debt relief.
Attorney General Lisa Madigan says Chicago-based First American Tax Defense LLC and Broadsword Student Advantage of Frisco, Texas advertised across Illi…