What You Need to Know About Leaf Collection/Disposal in Rockford
When my family and I moved into our current residence some 17 years ago, my first encounter with a neighbor was the guy next door, Brian, stopping by to ask me to please not burn leaves. I admit to being taken aback, since it was only the 1st day of August, but after his explanation of how the burning leaves affected his son's asthma, I quickly agreed. It wasn't all that long afterward that leaf b
Still Have Lots of Leaves? Don’t Do This
Okay, seriously, Do Not Attempt This At Home. Normally, that sentence would be followed by "controlled stunt performed by professionals," or even "professional driver on a closed course." Not here, though. I can't give you too much background here, other than the two guys involved (one with the torch, one with the camera) identify themselves as "rednecks...