Illinois Has Some Weird Halloween Laws
Scraping through a few hundred municipal codes in Illinois didn’t turn up any trick-or-treat ordinances allowing for jail time. But fines associated with age limits, curfews, masks and more were plentiful.
NBA Finals Causes Lockdown at Cook County Jail
It wasn't due to an escape, or even an escape attempt. It wasn't because of a riot or a massive fight in the cafeteria, either. The Cook County Jail recently experienced a lockdown because of the NBA Finals. It seems that over 300 guards (317, to be exact) called in "sick"…
Visitor Trapped In Chicago Jail For About 30 Hours
CHICAGO (AP) — A visitor to Chicago's Cook County Jail was trapped inside for about 30 hours over the July Fourth weekend.
According to reports a man was in the jail's maximum security division visiting his son when he went into a room that wasn't being used...