Some people never learn their lesson, especially dumb criminals in Illinois committing stupid crimes.

Illinois Man Keeps Arrest Streak Alive

They say to do what you're best at. This guy in Illinois needs a new hobby because his specialty is getting arrested for doing dumb illegal things that get him busted. This suspect is such an idiot he's gone to jail three years in a row.

According to,

For Cayetano, this marks his third straight year of being in the Will County Jail and his fourth time since 2016.


Illinois Man's Most Recent Arrest

The incident happened in Joliet. Our hero got wasted and drove home. He pulled into his driveway and started a huge scene. The suspect wanted to fight everyone in his family. They called the police because it became a scary situation.

Police Car Lights
Illinois Man Arrested 3 Years In Row

The cops stopped him just as he was pulling out of his driveway. Surprisingly, he followed the orders. The suspect appeared drunk and failed the field sobriety tests. Plus, he smelled like booze. The guy was arrested.

According to,

A 39-year-old Joliet man is back in Will County's Jail after Joliet police arrested him on three counts of aggravated DUI and one count of DUI, plus his two Will County arrest warrants.


Cayetano-Ramos was also cited for driving while license revoked and operating an uninsured motor vehicle.


Prior Arrested For Illinois Man

This isn't the first rodeo for this cowboy. Of course, he's been arrested before. As I mentioned earlier, this makes three years in a row and four for his lifetime. His other offenses are failing to appear in court and leaving the scene of the accidents. At the time of this bust, he had two warrants out for him.

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