Every Card Trick Should Tell a Story
I'll happily admit that I love a good magic act. In particular, I appreciate a good card trick, especially since my dad was quite adept at card tricks, using them to amuse (or silence) me many times as a kid.
Also, being partially of Irish descent, I enjoy hanging around in a pub, shooting some …
Going Weird for Beards
Okay...this is just plain weird.
However, it's Ireland, so our barometer for weird might be ever-so-slightly different from ours here in the USA.
In a nutshell, this guy wanders around Ireland, and...well...he tickles the beards of random men he spots...
Meet the World’s 1st Sheepdog Drone
As a kid, I loved Warner Brothers cartoons. In particular, I enjoyed the two shift-working sheep dogs ("Mornin' Ralph, Mornin' Sam...") who tag-team defeated the attempts at sheep theft by Wile E. Coyote.
Well, if "Shep the Drone" takes off (in a marketin…