“Frozen” Ringtone Goes Off in Senate
A red-face moment for Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kansas) the other day during a Senate Finance Committee meeting.
He's a big fan of Disney's mega-hit, "Frozen," or perhaps he's got a grandchild who not only loves the movie and it's music, but also has access to the s…
‘Frozen 2’ Officially Announced by Disney
The news out of Disney’s shareholder meeting keeps on coming. This one isn’t much of a surprise: Disney is making Frozen 2. In a related story, the sky is blue and water is wet (until a princess with freezing powers comes along and turns it into ice).
Drone Footage of Frozen Niagara Falls
This might be the first mention recently of NBC News without using the words embattled, embarrassed, red-faced, or damage control. Enough about Brian Williams.
The massive amount of cold weather across North America has presented many cool photographic opportunities...
Does This Dog Like This Song, or Hate It?
I know I've made a similar series of noises upon hearing "Let it Go" from Disney's "Frozen" soundtrack. Great song and all, but...after hearing it 47,000,000 times since seeing it in the theater with my daughter, I kind of see where the dog is coming fro…