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Travel Blog Publishes Their Illinois Bucket List For Your Summer Stay-Cation
If you think that you'll have to come up with some big bucks to enjoy a vacation in some far-flung exotic spot, you're probably right. However, you can save those dollars with an Illinois-based "stay-cation," because we've got lots of things to see and do right here without breaking your budget (although, to be honest, Illinois has some really pricey things, too).
Rock Valley College is Helping Cub Fans with a Bucket List Item
Yesterday in this space, we were talking about bucket lists. In particular, bucket lists that are specific to Illinoisans ("Is This The Ultimate Bucket List for Illinoisans?"). Well, thanks to the good folks at Rock Valley College Community and Continuing Education, you've got a chance to cross off one of those bucket list items.
Is This the Ultimate Bucket List for Illinoisans?
Thanks to a pretty lame movie of the same name, the "Bucket List" is something we often hear about, and maybe even have one of our own. For those who've been too busy living their lives to pay attention to trendy phrases, a bucket list is simply a number of things that one wishes to do or experience before they die--or, "kick the bucket."