Are You Ready For Self-Driving Cars Here in Illinois?
I was just out in the Phoenix/Mesa, Arizona area a few weeks back, and besides 85 degree weather and Chicago Cubs spring training baseball, the thing (or things) that got my attention the most was the prevalence of self-driving cars undergoing testing on the streets.
Bee Swarm Has Arizona Neighborhood on Edge
Tuesday night was not a good night to be outside for a stroll (or any other reason) in Gilbert Arizona. Thousands of bees swarmed a neighborhood there, stinging anyone and anything that they encountered, including a firefighter who took 40-50 stings after the bees got inside his protective clothing …
Arizona Ranchers: The Border Is Not Secure [PHOTOS]
Each year when Riley & I are broadcasting live from FAIR’s Hold Their Feet to the Fire in DC, one of the interviews that receives the biggest response is with the ranchers on the Arizona border. We've talked with both Peggy & Fred Davis and John & JoBeth Ladd in the past few years and th…