It's doesn't matter how old you are, or big and bad you are, a good percentage of us are all afraid of the dentist and we all deal with that fear in our own special little way. For me, the very first time I had a root canal done, I had to hold a Tickle Me Elmo (I was 28); some dental offices even have therapy dogs.

Whatever method you use to keep yourself relaxed as you tense every muscle in your body while laying back in that squeaky dental chair in a room that's as ice cold as a meat locker, there's no way it's as cute...or effective as this dad who recently paid a visit to a dental office in Loves Park.

Could the dental office be this superdad's kryptonite? Nah, it's just a sweet dad who's wife works at the dental office; the family was getting their teeth cleaned that day and it just happened to be mid-afternoon when it was time for the little guy's nap so, he just snoozed on daddy. All together now, awwwww.