I hate to quibble with the people from "QuoteWizard" but I'm not buying it. 

Considering that I think I've had to replace at least one tire on a car of mine every year for the past decade, there might be some flaws in their research.

Here's a link to the study QuoteWizard did so you'd be aware of their name and buy insurance from them. In the study it ranked Illinois as having the 22nd worst roads in the country. If you were in a college class that was graded on a curve that would give the Land of Lincoln a solid C.

The only real research criteria they listed was that they analyzed some Federal Highway Administration, whatever that means.

Let's break down our numbers:


There might be one number that jumps out at you. The 4% of spending on road repairs. This is waaaaay at the bottom of the list. Only Ohio (4), Mississippi (4), and Rhode Island (2) have similar numbers. Those three states have nothing in common other than the fact that you probably don't want to be compared to them (I'm sure they'd say the same about us)

I might not agree with the study on the quality of the roads but I'd like to thank them for pointing out that we're still not that great at putting our money where it belongs.

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