Someone's pet raccoon got into their stash and they were afraid for its health, so they took it to a firehouse.

I had a friend in college whose dog ate his weed. His pet acted weird for a couple of days, but it the long run he was okay. I wouldn't recommend giving an animal marijuana.

According to the, the same sort of thing happened in Indiana to a person's pet raccoon.

"Firefighters at Wayne Township Station 82 opened the door early Friday morning to a one-of-a-kind request for help: A frantic woman, distressed because her pet raccoon was stoned off of too much weed."

Apparently, A pet raccoon was exposed to way too much pot. It was acting very lethargic and the owner was afraid the animal was going to overdose. She didn't know what to do, so she took it to the fire department.

The first responders were baffled on what to do. The pet didn't seem in distress, so they decided the best thing to do was to let the raccoon "sleep it off."

At first, there was some confusion on what type of substance the animal had taken. The firemen were given permission to use Narcan on raccoon if necessary.

Unfortunately, there is no update on the animal.

I just want to know why someone has a pet raccoon.

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