There isn't a lot of variety among the 5 stateline area drive-ins this week. There's usually a mix of movies with 10 films being shown in the 5 double features. Not so much with this week's fare.

You have two double feature options in the area this weekend, one is for the younger crowd and one definitely is not.

Let's start with the R-rated double features.

SkyVu Drive-In - Monroe WI AND

Midway Drive-In - Sterling IL AND

Highway 18 Drive-In - Jefferson IL

All three of these drive-ins will be for adults only, or at least adults that don't want their children to sleep. The first feature will be the HEAVILY anticipated Suicide Squad.

I don't know really anything about the DC movie universe but this looks pretty great. It's written and directed by James Gunn. He's the same guy that wrote and directed one of the best Marvel movies, Guardians of the Galaxy. I'm very excited about an R-rated funny super hero movie. He also directed Super. You should see that if you haven't already.

This is probably okay to bring the kids to. A couple swear words and explosions shouldn't scar them for life. The next movie up might and that's Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It.

No. Thank. You.

I mean just look at the still they used to sell the YouTube video. That lady looks terrified. I've never been a horror movie fan. If you are, then good for you but I still don't think you should bring your kid to this one. But that's just me.

The other two stateline drive-ins are recycling some popular movies over the last few weeks.

McHenry Drive-In - McHenry, IL AND

Route 34 Drive-In - Mendota, IL

Both of these theaters will be sticking with last week's box office winner Jungle Cruise.

From everything I've heard about Jungle Cruise I've gathered that while it's not necessarily good, bad, or even memorable, it is a bunch of fun and just a positive movie going experience which is really all you need when going to a drive-in.

Both theaters will follow it up with the latest Marvel movie Black Widow.

The Marvel machine cannot and will not be stopped. A new Marvel movie, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings will be on the schedule soon and will probably dominate the screens when it does.

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