Alex Degman -- Illinois Radio Network

The state’s Department of Natural Resources is out with some recommendations to protect urban homeowners and, for that matter, municipalities from flood damage.

Lawmakers last year directed the DNR to compile the report – $2.3 billion in damage was recorded between 2007 and 2014, more than half that amount is from private claims.

Loren Wobig, the Division Manager of the Division of Resource Management in the Office of Water Resources says the biggest component of the report is a model ordinance that communities can adopt for flood mitigation.

“There are several communities and counties in the state that already have very good storm water ordinances,” Wobig says. “There are a number of communities, particularly downstate, that don’t have storm water ordinances in place.”

Wobig says new construction or development should consider more porous surfaces and green infrastructure. The report is non-binding.

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